Penetration Testing

Our Main goal is securing companies against threats. That needs to be a hacker to know how to secure it. So we offer Our Penetration Testing Services to our Clients.

Web Design

We have all roots in whole space of IT. We also offer web designing for our Clients to be much responsive and closer to us.

Request Courses

Our team is ready to give you solutions by the Courses we offer or we’re requested for. So bring us any matter, we teach you then.


Sometimes we are asked to code you a programm for our Clients. We do a secure develop the applications you are asking and we give you the bests.

Private Clients

We are taking your orders whatever they are. We work through a deep privacy and we secure our lines for it.


Our first goal is Security. We give you security solution through our plans and we give you security and support for almost no risk after.

Our Team

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Amirhossein Mirhosseini

Co-Founder & CEO

Software Developer Data Security, Cyber Researcher & IT teacher.
website: www.mirhosseini.us



Saeid Sigaroudi, CMO

saeid is our chief marketing officer and also sales manager. saeid is also brings us full support of governments and laws enforcement.


Romero , CTO

r0m3r0z is our chief tech officer and providing the long range penetration testing along side of internet.

About Us

Atech is a private Technology and Security Company. it provides strange things and almost anonymous contents. our team is gathered from all around the world and we work together no matter what. Atech is A company and we are so proud that if you’re part of our company. We do businesses international wide and we provide everything. Contact us for more informations ; )